ر.س11,500.00 ر.س11,500.00

Italian craftmanship



A sound that surprises the listener, people who loves music and its natural reproduction.

3-way floorstanding loudspeaker system. Vented box design.

250 watt /  4 ohm



”   … Due to some terrific design and engineering, the Sonus faber Sonetto III produces much bigger sound than a speaker its size has a right to. If you’re tight on space and thought you’d have to settle for a bookshelf design, think again. The Sonetto IIIs could well be the answer. And if you have placement restrictions, the Sonettos are more forgiving than most floorstanders. The Sonetto IIIs have such a wonderful ability to reproduce lifelike midrange and midbass that you’ll often forget you’re listening to speakers.

The energetic and musical Sonetto IIIs also have great overall tonal balance and are a wonderful choice for jazz, folk, pop, and rock music. To top it all off, the Sonetto III floorstander adds in terrific Italian style and craftsmanship that are sure to provide true pride of ownership.


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