JC 5 Stereo Power Amplifier by John Curl Halo

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  • 400 watts x 2 @ 8 Ω RMS, both channels driven
  • 600 watts x 2 @ 4 Ω RMS, both channels driven
  • 1200 watts x 1@ 8 Ω, in bridged mode
  • Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl
  • Ultra-high bias Class A/AB operation
  • 12 watts per channel of pure Class A power
  • 90 amperes peak current per channel
  • Balanced inputs with discrete circuits



When I first learned that the Halo JC 5 cost $5995, I was surprised. Although that’s considerably less than a pair of Halo JC 1 monoblocks, it’s a lot more than a Halo A 21+ ($3150). But now, having heard the JC 5, I realize that it’s worth every penny. There was an absolute sense of effortlessness as sound flowed smoothly and steadily from it, regardless of what speakers I used or music I played. Not only was the sound exquisitely smooth and natural, it never ran out of steam, regardless of how loud I cranked it. From the moment I began listening to the Halo JC 5 until I had to pack it up and send it back to Parasound, its sound delighted me in ways that few other components ever have. By any measure, the Halo JC 5 is a superb power amplifier. For $5995, it offers reference-quality sound, and enough power to easily drive any loudspeaker.

Often, in the Conclusion of a review, I offer a few qualifying thoughts or caveats. This time I have none. I can’t recommend Parasound’s Halo JC 5 highly enough.

. . . Roger Kanno



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